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Faith in the absence of the supernatural, part 2

In the previous post, I talked briefly about how religious faith must ultimately include some element of faith in people, and how that element leads to its pitfalls. The same could be said of secular faith, although the pitfalls are … Continue reading

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Faith in the absence of the supernatural, part 1

Among liberals and certainly in the wider culture, one of the greatest misconceptions I encounter regarding morality is┬áthat morals can only be dictated by a divine entity.┬áLiberals tend to use the term “ethics”, which are subjective and based on the … Continue reading

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An attempt at a definition of morality

Before one can discuss morality, one must define it, and thus give shape to what would otherwise be a nebulous psychological phenomenon. The definition I will use for it focuses on a person’s intent; I could call my own moral … Continue reading

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An introduction

I am writing this blog for the benefit of whoever practices moral reasoning in their daily life, to encourage you in your pursuits, provide you with support against whatever evil you confront and create opportunities for earnest discussions on morality. … Continue reading

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